The NPConnect Advantage:
Your Key to Growth and Sustainability

MissionInsite has helped over 100,000 faith-based institutions better understand their congregants and community at large. Now MissionInsite is bringing its community engagement and demographic expertise to the nonprofit sector.

With NPConnect, you will gain a greater understanding of your organization and community at large. NPConnect provides strategic insight to illuminate and cultivate current donors, prospects and volunteers by analyzing their Financial Potential to Give, Habit of Giving, and overall Giving Potential. NPConnect provides highly accurate and detailed household-level demographics to help organizations better understand their donors and prospects and the most effective ways to communicate with them.

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Sustainability and Growth at your Fingertips
Donor Acquisition Strategies
Campaign Planning/Feasibility
Capital Campaigns
Donor Engagement Analytics

NPConnect provides a holistic view of your community and organization, enhanced with premium data from Experian Mosaic USA, Epsilon TotalSource Plus, Simmons Consumer Behavior Surveys and more. With three distinct visual perspectives—CoreView, CommunityView and FusionView—clients can analyze and understand the different pieces of their organization's complex puzzle. Gaining a greater understanding of the community you want to serve, understanding how to expand your service area and seeing what components are needed for donor development are all at your fingertips—just point and click! 

Explore your community
with premium data sets like Experian Mosaic USA

Nonprofit organizations are excited about NPConnect as it provides: 

Population Projection Map.
  • Multi-Dimensional Demographics
    • Socio-economic, Behavioral, Life-Style and Psychographic intelligence about your donors, prospects, volunteers and clients and your local community at large
  • Community Analytics Tools
    • From our Donor and Prospect Centers, to our three distinct visual perspectives, solutions are easily visualized
  • Prospect Identification and Intelligence
    • Unparalleled, comprehensive intelligence on virtually every household in the country
  • Strategic Intelligence
    • Analyze past, present and future local demographic patterns—from very local to national in scope
  • Future Population and Household Projections
    • Better understand your community landscape with biannual projections and updates
  • Easy to Use, Cloud-Based
    • Log in to our cloud-based platform from any computer at any time, to easily analyze development and prospecting opportunities, program utilization, and generation of marketing statistics