Unlock the Secrets to Your Community in a Matter of Moments

MissionInsite's NPConnect solutions empowers nonprofits to become more sustainable and attract new prospects and volunteers, as well as further engaging current donors. With NPConnect, your leaders can visualize donors, prospects and volunteers in their relation to your organization and the community at large. Our proprietary technology integrates your data with a robust  set of community demographics, empowering organizations to solve their most complex challenges.

Create targeted strategies
based on key demographics

Through our interactive, cloud-based system, robust reports and analytics tools can be accessed via the PeopleView System. Gone are the days of standalone paper reports and expensive consultants.

Tap Into NPConnect's Powerful Features:

  • Donor Engagement Analytics
    Location Intelligence
    • Easy-to-use map based data analytics tools
  • Plot Donors and Users
    • Better understand your "reach" by visually mapping who your donors, volunteers and clients/patients are, where they live and where they are clustered
  • Strategic & Imaginative Planning
    • Demographic analysis of a full array of established geographies such as zip codes, cities, counties, census tracts, block groups, etc.
  • New Development Opportunities
    • Pinpoint areas of high income and wealth, established charitable giving and volunteerism using MissionInsite's proprietary Opportunity Scan
  • Walk/Drive Time Analysis
    • Create travel polygons to determine walk/drive times reach so that growth and development plans can be created
  • Robust Demographic Data Sets
    • Develop a multifaceted understanding of the populations within your mission using area a variety of different data ranging from demographic, financial, religious locational and more
  • Volunteer Analytic Summary
    Effective Communication
    • Discover more effective ways to communicate with and "tell your story to" each population
  • Targeted Mailing Lists
    • Access and purchase highly targeted prospect lists via the Prospect Center
  • Educated Program Expansion
    • Discover gaps in service area as well as new geographic areas where need is great and the mission of your organization is well suited to meet that need
  • Reports and Presentation Tools
    • The PeopleView System allows clients to quickly and easily build vibrant reports and presentations
  • Future Population and Household Projections
    • Better understand your community with biannual projects of population and household data.
  • Prospecting Strategies
    • Unparalleled, comprehensive intelligence on over 90% of all households in the country.  Improve prospecting and conversions by easily building sophisticated profiles of each of your core populations – Donors, Prospects, Volunteers, Clients, Patients, Visitors
  • Donor Engagement Strategies
    • Discover which Donors/Prospects have a Propensity to give to your organization and identify which Donors have the ability to give more
  • Discover the profile of individuals most likely to volunteer
    • Better understand individuals most likely to volunteer to your organization.  Quickly access important demographic information about your current volunteers
  • Multi-faced perspectives