Unlock the Secrets to Engaging Your Community in a Matter of Moments

MissionInsite's FaithConnect solution helps churches and faith-based organizations become more stable and engage more congregants, visitors and volunteers. With FaithConnect, your leaders can visualize congregants and visitors and their relation to your mission and community. Our cloud-based technology platform integrates your data with a robust  set of community demographics, empowering your professional and lay leadership to solve today’s most complex challenges and to extend your reach. Through the CoreView, CommunityView and FusionView perspectives, you will be able to better understand your community and the place your organization holds within it.  

Identify ministry gaps throughout your mission area

With FaithConnect, you can now plan for collaborative ministries, church transformations or church planting opportunities without having to guess. With the PeopleView System—our interactive, cloud-based technology platform—robust reports and analytics tools can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days of standalone paper reports and expensive consultants.

Since 2007, more than 230 national and regional church agencies around the country representing over 125,000 faith-based organizations have utilized MissionInsite's unique fusion of your organization's data, our comprehensive set of community demographic data, technology and analytics to reveal solutions to your organization’s greatest strategic challenges. 

Tap Into FaithConnect's Powerful Features:

  • Population projection map
    Location Intelligence
    • Easy-to-use map based data analytics tools
  • Plot Your Congregants
    • Better understand your church or faith-based institutions' "reach" by visually mapping who your members and visitors are, where they live and where they are clustered.
  • Strategic & Imaginative Planning
    • Demographic analysis of a full array of established geographies such as zip codes, cities, counties, census tracts, block groups, etc.
  • Church Planting Opportunities
    • Find growing and changing communities quickly with the click of a mouse using MI’s proprietary Opportunity Scan
  • Walk/Drive Time Analysis
    • Create travel polygons to determine walk/drive times reach so that growth and development plans can be created
  • Robust Demographic Data Sets
    • Develop a multifaceted understanding of the populations within your mission area using MI’s Mission Impact Guide for Ministry Applications of MOSAIC Lifestyle Types
  • Transportation Analysis
    Effective Communication
    • Discover more effective ways to communicate with and "tell your story to" each population of your church or organization
  • Targeted Address Lists
    • Access and purchase highly targeted mailing lists via the Neighbor Center
  • Gap Analysis
    • Discover gaps in presence or services within your mission area
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Maximize disaster response efforts by having essential member location information at your fingertips
  • Reports and Presentation Tools
    • The PeopleView System allows clients to quickly and easily build vibrant reports and presentations
  • Future Population and Household Projections
    • Better understand your community with biannual updates of population and household data, including current year estimates, 5 year projections and 10 year forecasting
  • Multi-faced perspectives